It’s spring where I am right now and it’s mid-April. In fact, COVID-19 has changed the world. I too want to trade my existence … I find myself writing this weight loss and fitness blog in December 2020. Hope you are listening and following my weight loss and fitness journey.

A few months ago I challenged myself to lose weight and managed to lose 60 pounds and gain muscle weight. I knew then that if I could lose weight, everyone could. For years, I was stuck in a rat race that meant a lot of fast food and junk food with no real meal schedule. I just ate anything and anytime. I went from a guy who ran several miles a day to one who weighed over 249 pounds and did nothing. No sport, no exercise, and no gym.

The purpose of my blog is to help me stay focused and help others lose weight and learn a little more about what I have learned on my fitness journey. I challenge myself to lose weight and get in shape. I hope to lose around 90 pounds. I am especially interested in dropping weight. Which means I need to get rid of body fat. Are you prepared to do the same? If so, join my mailing list and I’ll send you weight loss and fitness information for free.