Encouragement to Lose Weight

The 7 Top Points of Encouragement to Lose Weight

On the road to lose weight, fitness, and health, you can easily get discouraged. In fact, that discouragement is what leads many people to give up when they may be near a point of significant progress and encouragement in their agenda. Here are my “top 7” encouragement points to help keep your spirits up on your way to weight loss, fitness, and health.

Top Points of Encouragement to Lose Weight

1 # It gets better – and often very quickly! Many people who are significantly overweight or have been sedentary for a long time find any activity, even taking walks some hundred ft, to be very tough and uncomfortable. Be encouraged, many physiological changes happen very quickly once you start to move. Walking, for example, starts to get easier and more comfortable within a few weeks. Keep moving – every day will be a little better! Be encouraged!

2 # I love this lady’s story. It just makes you want to cheer him on while sitting in front of your computer. Madeline, weighed 290 pounds when she started walking in her neighborhood. She says she started out by walking about half a block twice a day and it was incredibly difficult at first.

After the second day, she had decided to quit, but a neighbor encouraged her to continue. Every day she hiked the same route but added a bit of distance every week. She says there were several days that she wanted to quit smoking, but she really wanted to lose weight and be healthy. After several months, people in her neighborhood began to notice her steadfastness and progress and began to give her compliments and words of encouragement. She said after a few months of walking it went from painful to pleasant.

About ten months after starting her walking program, she started her morning walk as usual but noticed people in their backyard. As she passed each yard they clapped for her, “come on Madeline”, “we’re proud of you Madeline”, “congratulations Madeline!” She said tears of happiness flowed throughout her walk that morning as over a hundred people cheered her on along the way! Be encouraged!

3 # The visible signs of progress in a weight loss program are often very slow in coming. Healthy weight loss takes time, but it can be very daunting. Be encouraged to know that for every day that you exercise and eat healthy foods in moderate amounts, you have made progress. It might not be measurable on that day, but you have made progress and it will be measurable over a period of weeks and months.

4 # Margie was 44 years old and had been sedentary for 20 years. The scale hadn’t changed in those 20 years – she still weighed 135 pounds, but she knew she had lost muscle and gained fat. Her waist was bigger and she couldn’t fit into clothes the same size she was 20 years earlier. What bothered her the most was that she was always tired and never had energy.

She decided to start walking and weight training but quit after a week. She said, “It’s too uncomfortable, I can’t keep doing this.” I encouraged her to continue and told her it would be better. She “quit” three times over the next two weeks. We spoke frequently. Six weeks later, she started to notice some muscle tone and noticed that her stamina and energy level had increased significantly. She said: “I am very encouraged!”

Eight months later, she had gained two pounds on the scale but had lost three inches from her waistline – and she walked a marathon! Yes!

5 # The idea behind physical training is to get your body to do a little more than it is comfortable with, and it responds by making physical and physiological changes. These changes allow you to do a little more with less discomfort. Be encouraged!

6 # Keep track of your progress. Each day, write down the positive changes you have noticed and also keep track of the exercise you do each day. Write down what you did, how long you did it, and any idea of ​​your exercise that day. Keep a total of your minutes. You can watch what you have done with a great sense of accomplishment and you will be motivated to do more. Be encouraged!

7 # Daily exercise will change your life! I believe God designed humans to be active on a daily basis. Why? because when you are, a lot of good things happen.

  • you are in better health
  • you feel better and have more energy
  • you are less likely to develop cancer, heart disease, stroke, etc.
  • you sleep better
  • you have a better outlook on life
  • your relationships with people are improved
  • your skin is healthier
  • you are ill less often
  • your immune system is stronger
  • you lose fat
  • you gain lean and toned muscle
  • you look healthier

Be encouraged!

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